Town Planning

Planning Concept of Fanling / Sheung Shui

Planning of the Fanling/Sheung Shui new town has been changing to reflect the aspirations of the community. The Fanling/Sheung Shui new town has a broadly linear form of development largely dictated by the axis of the railway line leading to the Mainland China, the floodplains of local rivers, and topographic features. Developments have been established on areas adjoining the market towns and along transport routes leading to Mainland China and urban areas in Kowloon.

In planning the new town, transportation link and various activities including residential, commercial and industrial uses have been integrated into the town for the benefit, convenience and enjoyment of local residents. Development in the new town will not be without constraints, in facilitating development, a balance should be maintained to minimize adverse environmental impacts which may otherwise inflict upon sensitive uses.

On a much wider scale, the general planning intention in the Fanling/Sheung Shui area also aims at preserving the rural character, controlling urban sprawl and reducing the risk of flooding through coherent planning effort. Planning the new town is a continuous process, reservation of sites for various uses will be monitored to facilitate both public projects and development initiatives from the private sectors.

In order to cater for both public and private developments in the new town, sites have been reserved for various uses by the Planning Department having taken land use compatibility, infrastructural constraints and availability of transport services into consideration. Disposal of sites is undertaken by the Lands Department. Public works projects are undertaken in accordance with the Development Programme prepared jointly by the Territory Development Department and the Planning Department.

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