Kam Tin, Hong Kong


Kam Tin is identified as a strategic growth area under the Planning and Development Study on North West New Territories.  The NDA is in close proximity to rich natural and cultural heritage. The ecologically significant fishponds, Lam Tsuen Country Park and Mai Po Nature Reserve are within close distance.  The NDA is also endowed with rich cultural heritage assets, e.g. the indigenous walled villages and 'fung shui' woodlands.  Traditionally, Kam Tin is renowned for its status of the home of scholars.  The development of Kam Tin is highly constrained by the stringent airport height restriction, which has limited development to medium density.

Kam Tin Neighbourhood

The Kam Tin NDA is home to recent low density luxurious residential developments including The Seasons Monarch developed by Li Ka-Shing's Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, and The Scenicwoods which is highly sought after by young families. In addition, the MTR Corporation has plans to develop on a 1 million square feet site at Kam Sheung Road Station which is located between Pat Heung and Kam Tin.

Reference link: http://www.mtr.com.hk/eng/properties/westrail_ksr.html

Future University Town Site

In November, 2003 the Hong Kong Planning Department commissioned a paper on ideal locations for setting up a University Town one of which being Kam Tin due to its low density development and close proximity to rich rural and cultural heritage. The following extracts are from that paper:

"Medium density development in a discrete valley provides an ideal setting for a university town. Given the constraints of Kam Tin, it may be more suitable to develop the area as a university town."

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