Town Planning

Geographical Context

The North District, including the Fanling/Sheung Shui new town, covers an area of about 13,730ha. Fanling/Sheung Shui new town, being the northern-most new town in Hong Kong, lies about 4 km from Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, about 8 km from Tai Po and about 21 km from Shatin. The new town covers an area of about 770 ha and forms an integral part of the North District. Unlike other new towns which have incorporated extensive areas reclaimed from the sea, Fanling/Sheung Shui new town occupies an entirely inland area along the river plains of the River Indus, River Sutlej, River Beas and River Ma Wat.

  • Location of North District (including Fanling/Sheung Shui)
  • Aerial view of the Fanling/Sheung Shui New Town
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