Gateway to Mainland China

Hong Kong's proximity to, and close relationship with, Mainland China, has made it the preferred entry point into Mainland China for business for more than 150 years.  Hong Kong's business influence across China is deep and extensive providing almost half of the Mainland’s inward investment, while the Mainland is the city’s largest trading partner.

Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta

Hong Kong is the key city on China's southern coast and adjacent to China's biggest and most productive manufacturing region known as the factory of the world - the Pearl River Delta.  Thousands of overseas companies involved in PRC trade have established their beachheads in Hong Kong because of the city's strategic location and international business environment.  The combination is as thus: Hong Kong provides the capital, management skills, technology, market knowledge, mature business infrastructure and access to international markets; Cities in the Pearl River Delta provide world-class, low-cost manufacturing, access to one of the world's largest economies, and the world’s biggest single market of 1.3 billion consumers.

Moreover, the Pearl River Delta accounts for 10 per cent of China’s gross domestic product and about 30 per cent of China's exports. It is the world leader in the production of electronic goods, electrical products, electrical and electronic components, watches and clocks, toys, garments and textiles, plastic products and a range of other goods.

Recognising the importance of the Greater Pearl River Delta, the Chinese government has announced an ambitious 12 year plan to move the Pearl River Delta up the value chain and forge even closer links and co-operation with Hong Kong and Macau.  The plan sets out how the region will transform to focus on innovation, encompassing high-end manufacturing and high-technology industries such as automotive, steel, petrochemical and shipbuilding as well as modern services and finance.  By 2020, 100 state laboratories for engineering innovation and research and development will be established and at least 10 China-based multinationals with annual sales of US$20 billion will be developed.

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